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What is DMIT
Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) ?



Make Learning More Effective

For Your Kids

Parents of an eight-year-old boy were troubled with frequently changing tuition classes. Their boy couldn’t get a grip in studies. After conducting DMIT, the actual issues came to fore and the child’s inborn learning technique was understood. After follow-up sessions and efforts by the parents for about 6-8 months, the boy showed amazing improvement in studies.


Understand & Improve

Your Personal Relationships

A couple in love marriage conducted DMIT at BrainOroma. They understood each other’s born personality, likes, dislikes, and motivational factors post counseling. They developed better compatibility by implementing our suggestions, resulting in a significant improvement in their relationship.



Find Success In Your 

Professional Career

He was troubled with his job. He put tremendous efforts but failed to get results. After understanding his core competencies, hidden talents, and learning techniques post the tests conducted at BrainOroma, he implemented the suggestions given by our counselors. Today, he is fairing much better in his profession and is a confident man.



The Purpose of BrainOroma

The stalwarts of humanity were able to wire their brain based on their natural instincts & achieve greatness in their respective fields, our humble aim at BrainOroma is to rekindle this waning process so that every human being can uniquely utilize their gifted abilities for personal growth & satisfaction.

BrainOroma is a change-agent company wanting to transform the age old manner in which

  • Children are brought-up & imparted knowledge at home and educational institutes

  • Employees are hired & kept motivated for giving their best for their employers

  • The dynamics of Human relationships & the problems faced in interpersonal modern communication

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